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Graphic Design Festival Breda Sold out

170 x 240 mm
64 pages
divided over 4 cahiers
in 8 pages cover


year: 2012


Dennis Elbers

Rob van Hoesel

By using visual storytelling as a tool, designers communicate events and opinions in a way that stands out from the continuous stream of images we encounter everyday. As there is always more than one side to a story, there are different perspectives from which the visual storyteller can work. By exploring various perspectives designers show the influence they have on a society dominated by images.

The projects in this book display how a socially relevant attitude combined with these various perspectives on storytelling extend the designers role to: Journalist – who creates compact and comprehensible reflections on the news. / Scientist – who dissects complex systems so as to find a transparent view. / Agitator – who questions and our personal opinions by provoking public debate. / Poet – who shares their personal reflections on reality to trigger the imagination.

Through exploring these various roles, designers prove how visual storytelling will raise an audiences visual literacy, it’s all about, Search, Find, Like, and Share.

With essays by Dennis Elbers, Sven Ehmann, Ellen Lupton, Robert Urquhart, Max Bruinsma and Evert Ypma. Featured projects by: Catalogtree / Francesco Franchi / Peter Ørntoft / Trapped in Suburbia / Ji Lee / Metahaven / Nicholas Felton / René Put en Rianne Petter / Gorilla / Aram Bartholl / Andre Thijssen / Noortje van Eekelen / Vahram Muratyan / Floris Kaayk / Christoph Niemann / Xavier Barrade

on Book Design:
a Publisher’s
Andreas Rötzer
Meike Ziervogel
Katharina Hesse
Rob van Hoesel
Latvian Literature
Wed. 7 June
Riga (LV)

Vienna Photo
Book Festival

10-11 June 2017
Vienna (AT)

book launch:
Sorry for 
Damage Done
Fri. 16 June, 17:00
MU Containers @ Strijp S
Eindhoven (NL)

Book launch:
Dear Sky
Sat. 17 June, 14:00
FotoFestival Naarden
Naarden (NL)

Unseen Amsterdam
22-24 Sept. 2017
Amsterdam (NL)

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