New Horizons


New Horizons

Bruno van den Elshout

232 x 329 x 67 mm
3500 g
212 pages
flatbook in cassette


year: 2014
edition: 2012


€ 212.00

Bruno van den Elshout

Rob van Hoesel

Colour & Books




European Design Award (gold)
Best Book Design from all over the World (bronze)
Best Dutch Book Design
FEP European Photobook Award (gold)

New Horizons is a work-of-art-in-book-form that brings together 300 images of the same viewpoint on the Northsea horizon. These images were collected in the year 2012 by an ingenious machine developed by Dutch artist Bruno van den Elshout. The installation with wiper, spraying unit and heating photographed the horizon from the roof of hotel NH Atlantic in The Hague, every hour, every day, one year round, eventually 8785 times.

8785 portraits of the same piece of endless distance where everything comes together: heaven and earth, imagination and reality, past, present and future. One could never arrive, but the desire to travel there, changes everything.

A selection of 300 horizons is rhythmically and melodically composed into New Horizons, a visual journey, a story without text. Due to its special method of binding the book opens totally flat on all 212 pages, leaving the perfect space for the tranquil imagery.

New Horizons is a commercially and technically unique book publication that came about because of 700 enthusiasts subscribed to the book totaling € 100,000 and thereby made the costly production possible. The limited edition of the book consists of 2,012 numbered copies, 7 pounds each.

With New Horizons, artist Bruno van den Elshout tells the story of adventure and how to fully enter it. How it arises, how it unfolds and where it takes you. About courage, doubt and discovery.


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