Shipping information

We ship orders worldwide with two different carriers: the national carrier in the Netherlands (PostNL) and FedEx. All normal (non-FedEx) orders are shipped once a week, usually on Thursday. Most FedEx orders are shipped one business day after ordering.

All orders in the Netherlands are shipped for free. Urgent orders can be shipped through FedEx Domestic for an extra fee.

All orders for Belgium and Germany are shipped for € 5 with tracking.

All books that fit through a mailbox can be shipped worldwide as a mailbox parcel for € 5, without tracking. In the destination country the packages will be transferred to a local carrier. Usually this is the national carrier, but this might differ for each country.

All packages that do not fit through a mailbox, or are heavier than two kilograms, can be shipped worldwide with tracking for € 10 to € 20, depending on the country.

All packages can be shipped through FedEx Economy or Priority as well, depending on the country. The fees for this service are between € 25 and € 40 for most locations.

If it unintentionally happens that no carriers are available when placing an order, please contact us at, and we will make sure to fix it as soon as possible.

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About us

Shipping costs:
€ 5 within NL
€ 10+ within EU
€ 15+ worldwide

Free shipping:
>€50 within NL
>€90 worldwide

Shipping costs
and book prices
vary between
countries due to
different tax rules.

To see the correct
prices for your
location, create
an account and
enter a shipping
address, and all
prices on the
website will be

All our books are
printed and bound
in Europe.