US (a) Denied Reality / Episode 1: Our Industry

US (a) Denied Reality: Episode 1 - Our Industry

Christopher J Everard

200 x 270 mm
206 pages
on three types of paper
hardcover with dust jacket


year: 2014
edition: 400
numbered and signed


€ 29.00

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Christopher J Everard

Daniel C Blight
Christopher J Everard

Rob van Hoesel

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Interlife Pictures

US is a story about guilt, individual guilt, collective and societal guilt along with its co-joined partner, hypocrisy. It’s an exploration of ‘a denied reality’, that’s a reality concealed by subjective propaganda and opinion. It’s an American story with universal resonance.

Everard explores the guilt that surrounds the adult entertainment industry, the guilt within the industry and the guilt that accompanies the consumption of the products and services it produces.

The book is an objective investigation of the industry, its structures and processes, the people who populate it at all levels and its relationship with the communities it inhabits. Everards position is this is a pretty normal industry; it produces globally dominant products and services, is led by real visionaries in the American tradition, and innovates hugely in the areas of technology, marketing and the client experience.

US is also Everards story as he evolved the project. His time in LA, in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. The book with its loose narrative and distressed editing has the feel of a road trip, a travelogue, something that seems perfectly natural to him considering the environment and the context.


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