Jos Jansen

240 x 330 mm
16 pages
selfcovered and singer sewn


year: 2015
edition: 300


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Jos Jansen

Rob van Hoesel

NPN Printers


There is one place in particular where our fingers are performing choreographies that were unknown just a few years ago. A place where the physical world merges into a virtual world, the reversible into the irreversible, and the controllable into the uncontrollable. A place that is also a symbol of our compulsive desire to be connected all the time, and of our new internal struggle: How much of our privacy are we willing to sacrifice?

Clicks, taps, pinches and swipes. Traces of human behaviour... left like a battlefield.

About the book
In Battlefields, his third book with The Eriskay Connection, photography is used as a forensic-scientific tool to examine our compulsive desire to be connected at all times and our struggle between private and public. The publication contains 10 monumental images that Jansen made of screen-surfaces of smartphones and tablets.

About Jos Jansen
Jos Jansen’s work interrogates the relationship between people, nature, science and technology. Questions he asks himself and his audience are: Where do people’s boundaries lie? Do we still control technology – or does technology control us?

Interview with Jos Jansen on Fotografia Magazine

Review by Francis Hodgson

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