Scratch Tick Pop / Barry van der Rijt / 9789492051332

Scratch Tick Pop - A Compilation of Scraps from 527 Ruined Vinyl Records

Barry van der Rijt

TEC052 | 314 × 314 mm |
vinyl record in gatefold sleeve
containing all 527 titles |
± 30 min. | EN

edition: 350
ISBN: 9789492051332

€ 20.00

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Barry van der Rijt (NL)

Rob van Hoesel
Carel Fransen


Scratch Tick Pop is a vinyl record with 527 scratches and ticks coming from damaged vinyl records. 

Artist Barry van der Rijt embraces imperfection. He closely examines aberrations of all kinds and generally perceives anomalies with charm. For his latest project Scratch Tick Pop, he distilled unintended scratches and ticks coming from record collections. In his opinion, these intriguing sounds deserve to be revalued, so Van der Rijt decided to put them back on a long playing record. Every sound snippet has a title describing the exact source. Chronologically ordered, these titles provide a walk through the history of pop music. With Scratch Tick Pop Van der Rijt presents a fascinating stage for the undesired.

Scratch Tick Pop will be Van der Rijt’s third project to be published with The Eriskay Connection, after Exquisite Errors DMCO–I (2015) and Exquisite Errors ECCO–I (2015)

About Barry van der Rijt
Barry van der Rijt (1974, Nijmegen) is a Dutch visual artist and experimental filmmaker. He likes to play with film related matter: videotapes, codecs, pixels, screens. With the results of these experiments he creates new meanings, usually resulting in short films. His work was screened on Dutch national television, in musea, at several international festivals in Europe, and at exhibitions outside Europe. 

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