Dear Sky

2017 May / pre-order

Dear Sky

Arthur Mebius

size: 200 x 275 mm
pages: 128
language: English
edition: 1.000

to be released: May 2017


€ 35.00

Arthur Mebius

Rob van Hoesel

Marc Gijzen

Arthur Mebius (NL) is a lifelong aviation enthusiast and photographer. Looking for a new project, he discovered a place where big classic sovjet-airplanes are still flying: North Korea.

Air Koryo is the state-owned national airline of North Korea. International sanctions and environmental restrictions have reduced the airline’s international destinations with only China and Vladivostok remaining. The old Antonovs, Ilyushins and Tupolevs rarely fly abroad and therefore seem superfluous. Nevertheless these aircraft and their crews are kept ready for operation. Occasional domestic flights are all the more important for the flight attendants and pilots to practice and to keep up their knowledge and skills.

Arthur Mebius monitors the routine operations by the crew which appears as a rehearsed play of maintenance, controls and procedures. A beautiful ground control dance of which an image of dedication and pride arises.

The book is complemented with fictive anecdotes based on true historical events.

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