Doug's Cabin / Karianne Bueno

Upcoming: 2019/03

Doug's Cabin

Karianne Bueno

190 × 300 mm | 180 p | 
paperback | EN

edition: t.b.d.

ISBN: t.b.d.
expected: Spring 2019

€ 40.00

Karianne Bueno

Ellen Sanders

René Put, Brigitte Gootink

Marc Gijzen

More than forty-five years ago, Doug, then just 20 years old, exchanged Vancouver for the desolate rainforest of San Josef Bay, Vancouver Island. He built his house on the foundations of a pioneer house, with the help of the last solitary forest dwellers. Doug found work as a carpenter on a military base near the lumberjack village of Holberg. The soldiers and their families formed a close community and Doug had his best years there. When the base closed after the Cold War and the buildings and remains would be burned, Doug decided to save what he could save. He traveled further into the woods with trucks full of small structures, books, photographs and utensils, and started San Josef Heritage Park & ​​Campground. Everywhere on his primitive camping you will find remains of the radar base. They would all contribute to the transfer of history. But the forest slowly takes back the open space and campers rarely come. Doug gets old, he is losing the battle against the elements.


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