Screendump 2


Screendump #2

Suzan Geldhoff Karin Krijgsman

200 x 270 mm
64 pages

english, dutch

year: 2014
edition: 500


€ 20.00

Suzan Geldhoff
Karin Krijgsman

Rob van Hoesel

The Screendump project is an ongoing investigation and exploration of photography in the virtual world. In Screendump #1 (2011) the use of Google Street View was examined as a source of material for artists. In Screendump #2, the authors continue their exploration of the virtual photography with a closer look on the appropriation of photos found online. The publication shows the work of artists that run off with footage from amateurs.

The overwhelming amount of online pictures changes the way we look at photography, the value we assign to photos and the role they occupy in our existence. Due to the arrival of smartphones the act of photographing has become a evident part of our daily lives. Photography is no longer the exclusive domain of journalists, artists and specialists: photography belongs to everyone.

Screendump #2 contains works by Willem Popelier, Corinne Vionnet, Peter Mann, Penelope Umbrico and Joachim Schmid.


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