170 x 235 mm
336 pages

Dutch + English

year: 2016
edition: 2000


€ 25.00

Lin Zhipeng (223)
Claudia Heinermann

Guido van Eyck
Saskia Naafs

Rob van Hoesel


NPN Printers (Breda)

Abbringh (Groningen)

After decades of a welfare state for everyone, now has come the time for the flexible and resourceful individual. Many see this as an opportunity and grasp it with both hands. People begin their own start-ups or art projects, seeking crowdfunding instead of waiting for subsidy. Residents improve their own neighbourhoods with small-scale initiatives to strengthen the community feeling.

But self-sustainability is not always a choice. It can become a bitter necessity now the government is drawing back from sectors like housing, elderly care, study finance and culture. The ‘participation society’, a term coined by the Dutch, calls on everyone to join in and take up their own responsibility instead of leaning on the government. BredaPhoto will reflect on both the advantages and disadvantages of this current trend. We will look for the creativity as well as the vulnerability of the self-sustaining individual.

This publication contains a selection of works from all exhibiting photographers of BredaPhoto 2016:

Mohammad Abdulazez
Niels Ackermann
Morgan Ashcom
Mathieu Asselin
Eva Beazar
Daleen Bloemers
Olivier van Breugel & Simone Mudde
Antoine Bruy
Sander van Bussel
Alessandro Calabrese
Alejandro Cegarra & Manaure Quintero
Jia Dai Teng Fei
Léo Delafontaine
Peter DiCampo 
& Austin Merrill
Thomas Van Den Driessche
Károly Effenberger
Petros Efstathiadis
Casper Fitzhue
Victor Goemaere
Kirill Golovchenko
Mike Harris
Claudia Heinermann
Jan Hoek
Inge Hondebrink
Hideyuki Ishibashi
Johan van der Keuken
Carl De Keyzer
Yannis Kontos
Ine Lamers
Lin Zhipeng
Jan Q. Maschinski
Flor Maesen
Lucie Marsmann
Axel De Marteau
Ralf Mitsch
Baudouin Mouanda
Anika Neuß
Pauline Niks & Jesse Cremers
Sebastian Palmer
Zoë Parton
Paolo Pellegrin
Robin de Puy
Isabel Rottiers
David Rozemeyer
Jaap Scheeren
Julius Schrank
Bryan Schutmaat
Satomi Shirai
Alexey Shlyk
Bianca Sistermans
Luuk Smits
Chantal Stoman
Lise Straatsma
Koen Theys
Thomas Vandenberghe
Nina Verbruggen
Danny Veys
Siniša Vlajkovic & Mohamed Somji
Coralie Vogelaar
Antoine Wagner
Nanó Wallenius
Erien Withouck
Michael Wolf
Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti
Xiaoxiao Xu
Xu Yong
Brigitte Zieger


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