To Infinity and Beyond / BredaPhoto / 9789492051400


To Infinity and Beyond


TEC059 | 220 × 297 mm | 232 p |
Otabind paperback | full-colour offset | EN/NL

edition: 2250

ISBN: 978-94-92051-40-0

€ 27.50

Reinout van den Bergh, Geert van Eyck and Jan Schaerlackens

Guido van Eijck

Guido van Eijck

Saskia Naafs

Rob van Hoesel + Carel Fransen

Arctic Volume 115 gr

Felix Bisschoff

NPN Printers

Patist (Den Dolder)


BredaPhoto Festival the leading photo festival in the Netherlands. It shows the state of affairs in contemporary photography based on an internationally relevant, social theme. The title of the 2018 edition is To Infinity and Beyond, focusing on the fundamental change technology and science bring to the world around us. But will it induce nothing but progress? Or are we at risk of opening a Pandora’s box full of unwelcome surprises?

Clustered in six domains; Cosmos, Intelligence, Biology, Society, God and Image, the 58 participating photographers explore the opportunities, the dangers and the dilemmas of technological progress. Picturing what’s happening in front of our eyes, or taking the liberty to make a careful prediction of what might happen next.

For the 2018 edition, the team of Dutch curators has been expanded with three international associated curators: Mohamed Somji (United Arab Emirates), Yumi Goto (Japan), and Azu Nwagbogu (Nigeria).

The festival’s publication To Infinity and Beyond contains a wide selection of work by the participating photographers with background information, an introduction on the theme, and reflective columns by the three associated curators.


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